Historically, lab automation and freedom have not necessarily gone hand in hand. But the fact is – they belong together. To optimise any automation system, you must have the freedom to choose the optimal components – the devices, systems and architecture that best suit your requirements.

Our system is one of total lab automation. It is not limited to just clinical chemistry or haematology. For all work areas, you are free to choose any device you wish. You are not bound to complex contracts or particular diagnostic partners. You are free to determine the best size of your automation system, and make it as complex or as simple as need be – we can even connect you across multiple stories in a single building.

Freedom applies not only to the system architecture, however. We have also addressed the actual tube delivery system. Instead of confining tubes to rack and track systems, tubes are delivered to analysers individually. Alongside simplicity, this freedom means you can dramatically rearrange workflows, and are no longer inhibited by process limitations.

Automation freedom means you can create the system you need and want – not one that is predetermined by others. Tailor your system to address your true needs, your chosen specialisations, and your financials. Finally.