About us

GLP has set its sights on one thing and one thing alone – changing the game in lab automation. From stand-alone archive systems to the total lab. We have addressed your genuine challenges. So you can make automation decisions on your own terms. 

We are different. And make a difference. We do so by applying our three core values: simplicity, freedom and excellence. We have eliminated everything that complicates automation. We have made sure you are free to choose your IVD supplier and how you set up your track. We use only the best materials and technologies in our robotics and track. The scope of your investment is up to you.

Automation doesn’t have to be difficult. Not when you understand the essentials. Not when you care about delivering solutions that really work. We’ll be delighted to organise a demonstration or to talk about how we can make your life in the lab easier, more efficient, and more effective. We know you’ll be amazed.