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GLP Systems has a new approach to lab automation. One that addresses a lab’s genuine challenges. Is reliable and easy to operate. And lets you make your automation decisions on your own terms.

We looked at the existing issues first hand, and considered what really gets in the way of effective automation in labs. Then we went back to the drawing board, applied our experience and passion, and started delivering solutions.

You’ll notice we’re different. That we care about what we do. And that this drive helps you achieve better results. All our solutions reflect the product of our innovation, and ultimately what makes us so strong: simplicity, freedom and excellence.

Our solutions are efficient in design and operation, effective and robust. They will help you manage your diagnostic requirements exactly as you want. And let you change your system when change in your requirements demands it. You are also free to choose which­ever equipment best suits your diagnostic profile.

Automation doesn’t have to be difficult. Not when you understand the essentials. Not when you care about delivering solutions that really work. We’ll be delighted to organise a demonstration or to talk about how we can make your life in the lab easier, more efficient, and more effective.

We know you’ll be amazed.